Master classes

We are pleased to announce that the masterclasses will be held from the 4th-10th February, 2018.

The masterclasses will focus on string instruments and piano. The classes are aimed at serious precollege, undergraduate and postgraduate students to further develop their musicianship and improve their technical skills.

During the course each student will receive three lessons, one hour each. An experienced pianist will be allocated to each class. Students must bring all relevant scores, including piano parts, for the classes and the concerts.

** The administration of the festival retains the right not to open a particular class if it fails to reach the minimum number of applicants. **

to reach the minimum number of applicants. **

General Info
Fee and accommodation
Application Form

Student concerts
Several student concerts will be held during the festival, giving selected students an opportunity to perform in public. Participation in the student concerts is not guaranteed and is conditional on the professor’s recommendation.

The teaching timetable will be available shortly before the beginning of the festival. Students are encouraged to attend the whole festival. Active students are welcome to attend all courses as auditors. Students will also be offered free entrance to the festival concerts based on available seats.

As part of the festival, the students can receive reduced price tickets to the central attractions of Eilat, including the Dolphin Reef and the Underwater Observatory Marine Park.

Instrumental master-classes fee – overall fee is 1500 NIS. Registration fee – 500 NIS. Registration fee is non-refundable if the students will cancel his or her participation.

Flights from Tel Aviv to Eilat
The festival can give information on cheaper flights from Tel Aviv to Eilat or to arrange a bus trip for students that come from abroad.

The festival offer the students special hotel prices in different hotels located nearby the festival. Following please find the offers for the whole festival days, February 4th and until February 11th. Prices apply for half board accommodation (including breakfast and dinner).

Leonardo Royal Resort (4-star)

Comfort Room: Non-balcony decorated room located on the ground floor. These rooms face the parking and access them by 8 steps downhill (no elevator):

Single in a room:      2,500 NIS
Double room for two people:    1,425  NIS per person

Regular Room: Decorated room without balcony and without stairs:

Single in a  room:      2,850 NIS
Double room for two people:   1,600 NIS per person
Three persons per room:      1,500  NIS per person

Dan Hotel Eilat: (5-star deluxe)

Single in a double room:      5,940 NIS

Double room for two people:    3,500 NIS per person
Three persons per room:      2,860 NIS per person



  • Payment shall be made upon arrival to the hotel/city, or else through a bank transfer to a bank account (details will be sent directly to the students).
  • Credit card details will be given for security during registration.
  • Students will arrive to Eilat independently.
  • Eilat Festival is not responsible for the quality of the hotels. Choosing and booking the accommodation is the sole responsibility of the students.
  • Minor students under 18 must present a written permission from their parents as well as credit card details of one of their parents.

Cancelation conditions

  • One month prior to the festival – no cancellation fee
  • Between one month and two weeks prior to the festival – 50% cancellation fee for the accommodation and no cancellation fee for the master-classes
  • Two weeks prior to the festival and until the festival – 100% cancellation fees.

For more information and registration please contact:  052-8822314 | 


Alexandre Brussilvsky


Double Bass

Remy Yulzari


Duo Petrof

Eilat Chamber Music Festival

Master Class Application Form

Personal Details

Musical Training

Master Class

Please attach the following items to your application:
** CV (Resume)
** Passport photo or a photocopy of an identity document
** 10-15 minute performance through email or a recommendation letter from a professor or an artist preferable both

For more information and registration please contact: Maya Sapiro